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Art Scam
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Here I continue my art scam story

Latest news from Anna Johnson = Femi Tosin

Now I follow the Skype activities of "hannhp900" or Femi Tosin - the former Anna Johnson from Las Vegas.
After our initial e-mail exchange he sent me a contact request in Skype, which I accepted. (The Skype exchange you find here:
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) When I told him to kindly look for another person to cheat, he immediately quit and changed his Skype profile. But Skype keeps the contact you once added in the contact list. Now the status changed to “contact request pending“, but I still see his profile.
The only thing that remains the same is the Skype name "hannhp900". He changed all the rest... So his present name is Paul T and he is a female from Las Vegas, United States, born on Dec. 19th, 1963. Language: English. (Interesting combination Miss Paul.)
I add the screen-shot here. (It is in german but not too difficult to figure it out, I hope.)
April 27th, 2012

Mrs. Paul = Femi Tosin = hannahp900 (Skypename)

updated his - her profile

This time it is just a small update. Mr. or Mrs. Paul added a photo to the profile. As he already did he chose a pic from the website http://www.focushawaii.com.
For all the users who are not familiar with this function I just explain how the reverse picture search in Google works: If possible save the image from the profile or from the website (usually these guys don’t care about renaming the pic, which makes it even easier to find the original). I had to take a screenshot, as it is not possible to save it from the Skype profile. Then go to the Google image search and pull your jpg file into the search bar. The pic is uploaded and in between seconds you should have the result. Then you see where the pic originally comes from.
Mrs. Anna Johnson Femi Tosin Paul T. prefers the same model agency - so the result was not a big surprise. He stole his profile pic in saatchionline.com as Mrs. Anna Johnson from the same website.
Here is the link and below you find a screenshot of the Skype profile and the original pic. One thing I still do not get: why for god’s sake is he still pretending to be a female? Any ideas anyone?

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