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Miroslav Tadic

I first heard him play with 3 fantastic musicians on the album „Bracha“ (released 1988). As the CD is nowadays hard to find and there is nothing online…
Some info is right here.
I suggest you enjoy this great live performance, which I discovered in youtube.


One of my absolute favourite spanish singers, songwriters, performers. And of course this song is also in my top 10 list. OK - I guess there is a such a lot of great music, that a top 10 list is next to impossible - so let’s say we go for a top 100 or 1000. It does not matter as long as you find something inspiring among my acoustic suggestions.
For this song I like to quote the opinion of a poster on youtube about this very version (and I agree): ”Wow. Hay muchos videos de esta canción en YouTube, y cada uno es único y cada uno es INCREIBLE. Este es mi canción favorita de Amaral.”
So - if you like this one go ahead and check some more versions of this composition.

Tasmin Archer

Wow. Still.

Le Mystere des voix Bulgares

Ever heard that? Or something similar? Sounds nearly like... Exactly.

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